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Rose and Juniper's story part 1
Rose and Juniper tussled on the stone ground squealing and giggling. Rose's brother, Thorn slept curled in a little ball pressed against his mother's side. Juniper and Rose's mothers lay side by side chatting. "HEY!" Rose yelped as juniper scratched her a little too hard. Juniper jumped back a little. "Sorry Rose" Juniper gave her friend a nuzzle. "Can we play something else? im so bored with wrestleing." Rose pleaded Juniper shrugged "ok what so you want to play?" "hide and seek?" Juniper's eyes brightened. "yeah yeah!" suddenly Thorn looked up. "can i play to?" Rose opened her mouth about to say no, when her mom gave her a stern "you better play with your brother or else look". Rose sighed. "fiiinne"
"17, 18, 19, 20! here i come!" Thorn leaped up and opened his eyes. He trotted of in search of his sister and her friend. Rose and Juniper stood on a balcony above Thorn's head. Snowfall (juniper's mother) had dozed of while Cardinal (Rose and Thorn's mother) watched Thorn search. sudden
:iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 1 0
Im Miss Sugar Pink Liqur Liquor Lips by OtterstepOfMoonclan Im Miss Sugar Pink Liqur Liquor Lips :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 2 6 when a fish stabs you by OtterstepOfMoonclan
Mature content
when a fish stabs you :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 2 0
I'm In Love With The Shape Of You by OtterstepOfMoonclan I'm In Love With The Shape Of You :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 3 0 Dirky (OTA payment) by OtterstepOfMoonclan Dirky (OTA payment) :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 3 1 Just Follow My Yellow Light by OtterstepOfMoonclan Just Follow My Yellow Light :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 3 0 Tippy by OtterstepOfMoonclan Tippy :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 4 1
 DamonTheDeer i picked your entry cause i liked the art and i think it really suited the theme ^^
The-Dragons-Cove and Markiplier03 i seriously loved your entries!  they where plain amazeing please dont feel bad for not getting the DTA i'll do plenty more ^^
thanks so much for all the entries! it was so cool seeing a character in so many art styles!
:iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 0 4
Feline YCH 1 by OtterstepOfMoonclan Feline YCH 1 :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 4 1 DTA entry by OtterstepOfMoonclan DTA entry :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 3 4 Winged Wolf adoptable -CLOSED- by OtterstepOfMoonclan Winged Wolf adoptable -CLOSED- :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 3 5 Eagle the wolf by OtterstepOfMoonclan Eagle the wolf :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 4 2 song themed DTA -OPEN- by OtterstepOfMoonclan song themed DTA -OPEN- :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 5 29 i was bored so ask my RP characters by OtterstepOfMoonclan i was bored so ask my RP characters :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 4 0 Lee (custom 1) by OtterstepOfMoonclan Lee (custom 1) :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 3 4 OC Customs -OPEN- by OtterstepOfMoonclan OC Customs -OPEN- :iconotterstepofmoonclan:OtterstepOfMoonclan 3 9


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Little Cat V by luisbc Kitten feasts on points, donate points to feed Kitten!

and her friend bob Meaw,meaw by luisbc

just pay for adopts and stuff here ^^

Commissions: if you'd like a commission note me with the character ref (i can only do Wolves, Dogs, Cats, And Tricos) and pay here

3 points: non animated icon

5 points: a small head shot with color

10 points: fully body with color

extra 2 points for shading
extra 5 points for backgrounds (but note im not too good at them)

or if you just plain donate i can draw stuff for you too! ^^

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mostly harmless
United States
Fangirl | weird | Is Batman| dislikes suicide squad Harley Quinn | likes the original

MMMMMMM hello people who have stumbled upon me page ^^ im a Fangirl of many a fandom including: Last Guardian, Percy Jackson (and the other rick Riordan series')
The Unwanteds (WHY HAS NO ONE HEARD OF IT ;W; ) etc. anyways sorry on how much i fail at art, buut im trying to get better. i do adoptables a lot, and im open for art trades. and i can do requests for tricos cats dogs or wolves.

:bulletred: Art trades: OPEN, i can do wolves cat dogs or tricos

:bulletpink: Commissions: OPEN i can draw Wolves, Dogs, Cats, and Tricos

:bulletblack: Requests: only for certain people

:bulletgreen: Adoptables: i will occasionally post adoptables so watch for that

:bulletorange: all my fandoms: The Last Guardian, Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase, The Unwanteds

:bulletblue: All of my Trico OC's: Scout, Juniper, Ember, Mountain, Moon (AKA Moon Moon), Carter, Rose, Star, Gea, and Lavender

:bulletyellow: if you draw one of my tricos i'll die of happiness ^^



honestly I think my excitement for the new Magnus Chase book is like  
50% Percy and Magnus interacting
25% Alex
and 25% Hearth / Hearth and Blitz
honestly I feel like at some point in the new Magnus Chase book Percy will just be there like "oh your dead? that's cool I have a friend who came back from the dead to" "oh you can shapeshift? that's cool I have a friend who can shapeshift to" and just things like that XD
Magnus Chase: I hate physical contact

also Magnus Chase like every five minutes: I really wanted to give them a hug
heres some random solangalo stuff:

1. I really love the idea of Will and Nico shoulder bumping each other. like they'll just be walking next to each other and Will  randomly pushes Nico's shoulder with his causeing Nico to stumble a little. then Nico rolls his eyes and does the same to will so you'll just see the two of the walking shoulder bumping each other the whole way 

2. imagine one day Will randomly scoops up Nico and caries him on his shoulder's the rest of the day, Nico pretends to hate it but is actually having a lot of fun getting a free ride

3. this one isn't really solangalo but I still wanted to add it. I have a headcannon that when Nico is annoyed he cusses in Italian

4. again not really solangalo but still another head cannon of mine is that there are only three people Nico lets hug him Reyna, Hazel, and of course Will

5. Will and or Reyna (when she visits) are always making sure Nico finishes his food. much to his annoyance

yea that's a I got for now XD 
apparently theres a percy jackson musical. just the idea of percy, grover, chairon, kronos or some monsters, singing is pretty terrifying
Renya: this is my sister Hyla

Renya: and this is my little brother Nico

Renya: and if you touch him i will stab you
ok so we know peril's scales from wings of fire are hot enough to melt metal, so im curious if she was shot would the bullet melt before it could really affect her or would it be so fast it would hurt/kill her?
so i was re-reading the staff of Hermes story in the demigod diaries and Martha mentioned that her and George had danced to the macarana at their wedding. lets take a moment to appreciate that. two snakes trying to do the macarana. i honestly really wanna see that

Persephone: MOTHER

anyone wanna hear some Percy Jackson head cannons of mine? :D


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SashaBrausAOT Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the fav! ^^ Much appreciated!
Might I ask though, what was it that you liked about the piece you faved? .w.
bubbybubbles12 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017   General Artist
Thanks so much for the favorite! Have a fantastic day! :D
SophieSuncatcher Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ty for the fave!
Rorrx Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
otter what if your oc's were a family?
OtterstepOfMoonclan Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017
that would be the most dysfunctional family ever seen XD
Rorrx Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
mine is worst
OtterstepOfMoonclan Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017
the awkward part is think of OC's who are mates as family...
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Rorrx Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
could I get a custom pet for amber?…
do any species- just not dragon because she's kinda a dragon herself...
The-Dragons-Cove Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for watching me, Otter!! Means a lot <33
SilverFoxBush Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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